Why Farming Matters To You

Farming is essential to many parts of ordinary life: the quality of the food we eat, the state of the countryside and the health of the environment.

Farming is also beginning to play a role in our future; with numerous methods of providing renewable energy.

Farmers and growers provide The Uk with three quarters of the foods that can be produced in our temperate climate-

South east farmers can produce nearly any speciality of food from champagne-like wines to classic Italian style parmesan cheese as well as growing the wealth of trees, flowers and shrubs that brighten our lives.

More than 80% of the South East is classed as rural

Despite the well-populated towns and congested motorways that bisect the region, the South East is still full of beautiful landscapes: the Weald of Kent, North Downs and Romney Marsh.

Kent’s countryside provides the backbone of the dynamic food processing sector and plays a big part in the burgeoning rural tourism industry. Despite farming not being as influential to the state of Britain’s economy as it did decades ago, gains can still be made from the agricultural land use. People need to realise the important part that farming still has to play in our everyday lives and the differences it can make to them.

(Details supplied by NFU)