Food Security

Being food secure means you aren’t living with a fear of hunger and starvation.

This doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue with our relatively comfortable lifestyles, but in 40 years it could be a major problem.

With the World’s population increasing exponentially and estimated to break the 9 billion mark by 2050, the demand for more food is intense. Even in Britain there will have to be a greater emphasis on producing our own food, instead of relying on imports. ¬†Currently we import about 51% of our total food supply – which means we’re heavily dependent on the state of the global food industry. ¬†If prices of imports soar because of bad harvests, we can hardly rely on our native food production to help us through.

Research into improving the efficiency and sustainability of food production is therefore of paramount importance to ensure the world’s food quota is met and we all remain food-secure. Maybe of more specific relevance to us, we can positively contribute by simply buying more local produce. More demand for local goods means more needs to be supplied, so our agricultural economy will grow alongside the demands made. This in turn means a more sustainable way of us getting our food.

So get out there and start supporting our local farming economy! Buying from the various farmers markets and farm shops around the county and checking to see whether products have been made close to home.

Science is also playing its part in improving the efficiency of farming methods. Modern techniques are being used everywhere: cross-pollination of plants is able to produce greater yields, modern dairy farming allows cows to be milked on double the amount of occasions as is normal and GM crops ensure we get the most of what we’re putting into the ground.

Food-security is going to become a massive issue in the not too distant future. With a third more mouths to feed in 40 years time, it’s a daunting prospect to think of us not having enough food to live in comfort. But we can do something to help, Why Farming Matters in Kent offers all the information needed to start buying local and impacting positively on our future: just visit the Farming in Kent pages to check out the various farmers markets and meat producers in Kent. If you would like more information on any issues involving Farming in Kent, get in touch with one of the team using the contact us form.