The Project

Why Farming Matters in Kent works to provide a strong message of farming within the county and to others about the industry.


It aims to communicate all the aspects of farming to educate people about the importance of understanding horticulture, agriculture and forestry.


The project will showcase at many events around Kent and will run for three years. The general public can learn hands-on about where their food comes from, their food miles, where to buy local produce, education and much, much more.

Visitors to the site will understand where their food comes from, see how it could be possible to cut down on food miles and therefore reduce carbon footprint and ultimately find out where to buy good value local produce.

Going Local

Another important message will be food security and how customers can buy traceable products.  Why Farming Matters in Kent will give advice on how to support the local economy to ensure sustainability and support small local family businesses.  There is also pages about education and career opportunities as well as the importance of farming on rural tourism and green leisure opportunities.

This site will signpost visitors to appropriate organisations that will be able to fully explain why farming matters in Kent.