Launch of the Kent Food App

Posted on 16th March 2013 by ether

The Kent Food App has officially launched, and what an app it has the potential to be. The whole message the app promotes is of the importance of local Kentish produce. It is a huge database, and continually growing, of the shops, markets and restaurants that offer local Kentish food and drink.

So far it has been a great success. The app and the recent horror stories of the horse meat scandal and the questioning of supermarket authenticity has shifted the focus on food buying back onto trustworthy local independents. Kent Messenger offered a 4 page spread on local Kentish produce on the March the 15th edition with a specific ad space and section on the brand new Kent Food App.

The app has also been mentioned in the Kentish Express and on KMFM, all helping to expand its growing user base. So far on the iphone app store it has an average of 5 stars, it’s lowest rating? 4 stars.

The app’s success is a great boost to the local food industry, and is a great means to help educate people that the supermarket is not the only option when it comes to food shopping. The app importantly showcases the sheer abundance of local resources which in some cases can literally be on people’s doorsteps, yet have remained invisible because of a lack of knowledge or motivation.

Another great feature of the app is its expression of theĀ interrelatednessĀ of the whole food industry. It hopes to set up the full story of the chain; with producers being linked to suppliers, suppliers to restaurants and the restaurants showing off their fabulous recipes that include local ingredients.

It is a gargantuan task – bringing local food back to the heart of the county and people’s consciousness. But it is a task so worthy, and now with a platform tapping into modern technology a task with so much promise, we should do everything to support it.

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