Seasonal Food

Cherries and plums (Summer)

A massive 90% of English cherries are grown in Kent. Stella is the most common dessert variety for eating followed by Sunburst, whereas Morello are the most common for cooking.

Half of all English plums are grown in Kent. Victoria is the most common dual-variety plum used for both cooking and eating.

Cherries and plums are incredibly high in vitamin C and fibre and are known to contain phyto-oestrogens that prevent heart disease and fight against cancer. Plums can also lower blood pressure being rich in potassium.

Apples and pears (Autumn/Winter)

The English climate is perfect for the growing of apples and pears, with over 2000 varieties of apple and 550 of pear. They’re both rich in fibre and vitamins A and C, and the English varieties have such a great flavour because they ripen more slowly than their European rivals.

A high proportion of orchards are situated in the Kent area. Apples are harvested from September and pears in October and growers now have hi-tech storage facilities so they can still be bought fresh in winter.

Strawberries (Summer)

With sophisticated poly-tunnels strawberries can now be grown outside of their usual summer season, but are still predominantly summer fruits. English strawberries are usually juicier and of better quality than European varieties because our climate is so well suited. Most common variety Elsanta.


Type Variety Season
Apple Cox late September – stored until February
Gala late September – stored until February
Jonagold November
Bramley late September – stored all year round
Pear Conference September – stored until February
Comice October until April
Concorde October – stored until February
William September
Quince Vranja October – stored until December
Tomato Protected January- November

Vegetables & Herbs

Type Variety Season
Brussels sprouts Septmeber- March
Cabbage January King November- March
Celtic October- March
Drumhead November- March
Red October- June
Savoy October- March
Tundra mid October- March
Cauliflower Cornwall late October- June
Kent September- June
Celeriac Monarch October- mid November
Leeks September- June
Parsnips September-February
Swede September- February
Turnip September- February
Watercress October- March
Winter Salads Lettuce Red Blossom All year
Mizuna All year
Park Choi September- March
Rosemary All year

Poultry, Fish and Game

Type Variety Season
Goose Embden September 29- December 24
Legarth September 29- December 24
Hare August- February
Partridge September- January
Pheasant October- January
Rabbit All Year (best in September and October)
Trout Rainbow All year
Turkey Farm-fresh Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter
Venison Fallow and Roe November- February (occasionally summer)
Wood pigeon All year (best in September and October)
Wild duck September- January