Here are two recipes that were used at the Kent Show 2011 as part of our cookery demonstration area, hope you enjoy!

Spicy cherry sauce for pan fried duck

1 small glass plus a splash of strong red wine (Shiraz or similar with intense flavour)
1 shallot finely chopped
12 Kent cherries, halved and stoned
Ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon ground coriander
2 teaspoons of bramble jelly
Small knob of unsalted butter

Fry the shallots in the butter until transparent, add the glass of wine and bring  to a slow boil.
Add the cherries, pepper and ground coriander
Boil until reduced by half, add the jelly and continue to reduce until you have a sticky jam like consistency.
Just as the mixture starts to catch on the pan add the splash of wine to loosen the mixture slightly and remove from the heat.

Fry your duck….
One plump duck breast per person
Salt and pepper
Clean frying pan

The aim of cooking the perfect duck breast is to get enough fat out of the skin to cook the flesh, leaving it succulent and slightly pink with a great crispy skin.

The pan needs to be hot, but not hot enough to make the fat smoke…
Salt and pepper the skin, place the breasts skin down to release some fat
When the skin starts to crisp, flip over and cook the fleshy side for 5 minutes, flip them back over and cook for a further 5 minutes

Rest, covered in foil, for 5 minutes before serving with the sauce beside.  Best served with steamed savoy cabbage and new potatoes.

Eton mess

500ml whipping cream
300g Kent strawberries, sliced
Balsamic vinegar
200g raspberries
6 meringue nests, smashed into chunks

Place your strawberries into a bowl and drip a little balsamic vinegar (no more than a teaspoon) over them and mix together
Blitz the raspberries into a smooth sauce
Whip the cream into soft peaks, stir in the strawberries (but no juice) and the meringue pieces. Dribble a little of the raspberry sauce over the top and save the rest for serving.

Serves 6

Simple Summer Pork shoulder CS1

Pork shoulder steak

Chopped smoked streaky bacon

A chopped apple

1 clove of crushed garlic

sliced shallot

slices of local cheese

A Glass of Sweet Cider and a dash of cream!

For the salad

Some fresh green leaves of spinach

Some grated pear and cucumber

Oil and cider vinegar

Into a hot frying pan place the pork shoulder steak and seal turning every few minutes.

When cooked evenly add the chopped and crushed ingredients and cook until the bacon is crispy. Now simply add the sweet cider and bring to boil and add a dash of cream!

Whilst this is reducing take your spinach leaves and combine them with the grated cucumber and pears. Toss in a bowl with a little oil and cider vinegar.

Place sliced cheese onto the pork shoulder and place under the grill.

Place your salad in the middle of the plate. Onto this place your pork steak and then spoon the ingredients around the plate and lasty drizzle the sauce over the dish and serve!