Farmer’s Markets

Why choose to go to a Farmer’s Market to buy your food?

Well they have a a myriad of benefits for the whole community, here are some reasons:

Farmer’s Markets

Offer interaction between producer and customer so there’s plenty of feedback opportunity. It offers smaller producers who aren’t large enough to produce for supermarkets the chance to get a regular and secure flow of customers. Making sure farms are present at numerous different markets has kept a lot free from bankruptcy.


The interaction between producer and customer means you can really find out exactly where and how your food is grown. You can get information on dietary needs and with exposure to fresh locally produced food you can’t help but stay healthy. Markets can give people ideas and inspiration on new dishes and are fundamental to educating the consumer on their food.


Markets reduce food miles. Sound pollution and fossil fuel use is limited and substantial reductions in packaging help clear up the environment. Also the Markets help to encourage more diverse farming, hence improving bio-diversity, with emphasis on organic and pesticide free production.

Community and local economy

Markets play a big role the sustainability of the local economy. They increase employment, and give the unemployed the chance to develop new skills and confidence; and by encouraging consumers to buy their products, they are also supporting local businesses and therefore keeping money within the local economy. Statistics report that Markets increase business to retailers in the area with feedback concluding takings increase by 30% i some of the areas where Markets have been present. By bringing people together Markets stimulate a growing community feeling, and bring added life to local area.

A listing of all the farmers’ markets in Kent can be found at the Kent Farmers’ Markets Association website and to have the list ready at your beck and call download the