Kent Meat Producers

Sourcing locally produced food for either your personal use or those of your business has a wealth of economic and environmental benefits.

Having not had to travel as great a distance, local food is fresher by miles while there are always abundant supplies right on your doorstep. Buying local promotes and sustains the thriving working countryside.

Here in the South East farmers are able to provide a wide ranging variety of the meats we consume, from beef to poultry and lamb to pork, so there is no real need to look outside the great environment of the region and the high quality meat it supplies us with.

So want to get your hands on some of this wonderful locally sourced meat? Here are Kent’s suppliers:

Commonwork Organic Farm

Address: Bore Place, Chiddingstone, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 7AR
Products English rose veal
Phone: 01732 463414

Higham Organic

Address: Higham farm, bells Yew Green, Tunbridge Wells TN3 9AU
Products: Organic beef, organic lamb, organic pork- all available throughout the year
Phone: 01892 750363

Hoopers Farm

Address: Hoopers Farm, Marsh Green, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 5QU
Products: Beef packs small (10kg) large (18-22kg)

Luddesdown Organic Farms Ltd.

Address: RCourt lodge, Luddesdown, Nr Cobham, Kent DA13 0XE
Phone: 01474 815044
Products: Organic beef and pork (home-bred), organic chicken- locally sourced