Kent Statistics

The following information is taken from a report from Research & Intelligence who were commissioned to establish the value of the agricultural sector to the Kent economy.  The findings were reported in April 2009 with data taken from the Agricultural Census, published by DEFRA, the Annual Business Inquiry, published by the Office for National Statistics and the Kent Economic Forecasting Model produced on behalf of KCC by Experian.

Provisional estimates for 2008 in Kent

The main difference between Kent statistics and the England as a whole is that it has a significantly higher proportion of land devoted to fruit production

In 2007 there were 13,000 people employed in the agricultural sector.  This accounts for 2.3% of the total Kent workforce.  In 2007 it is estimated that approximately 140,300 people employed in rural areas, accounting for 24.9% of all employees in Kent

The number of employees in agriculture has been slowly declining over the last few decades, both nationally and within Kent.  In 1981 there were approximately 17,000 people employed which fell to 12,100 by 2007