English Apples

Kent is famed for its Apple production, the county produces 49.5% more top fruit than the rest of the country on average with a high proportion of that being apples. Have a look at some of England’s most common types:


This is the most common type of apple in the UK, accounting for over half of the eating apples grown in Britain. After years of continued orchard management and selection  the variety has become famed for its great taste as well as its distinctive red/green skin colour. The flesh is firm and well-textured with plentiful juice adding to the honey-like aromatic flavour.

Picture 11


Programme selection in the ’50s improved the variety but it didn’t become popular until the ’80s. Now Gala apples are the second most popular in the UK behind Cox’s. One of the major reasons for the rise in popularity is that Gala is available year round for northern and southern hemisphere suppliers. The skin colour is red striped over a green/yellow with firm¬†flesh and a sweet and juicy taste.

Egremont Russet

This variety is an old English type with a very distinctive appearence with its light brown and russeted colour. The flesh is of a more dense texture with a a nutty, sweet taste- a connoisseur’s variety.




The skin is of a dark-red almost purple complexion with white flesh. It is firm-textured with high levels of juice and a very sweet taste with a noticeable hint of passion fruit.