Dairy Farming

Over the last 10 years dairy cow numbers have been decreasing, and quite dramatically so.

Back in 1999 the number of dairy cows within the whole of the UK stood at 2.44 million, whereas last year it had fallen to 1.86 million. This decrease however, has not been shared with herd size throughout Britain (which has increased from 82 to 113 in 10 years) and even the productivity: milk yields being steadilyon the rise since 1973 and making an 18.8% increase since 1999, breaching the 7000 litres/cow/annum mark for the first time in 2009.

At the moment Great Britain stands proudly as the 9th biggest milk producer in the world, and with such impressive milk yields and high standing its remarkable to think that the total number of dairy farms has nearly halved in 10 years, and yet those yields are still improving; a testament to efficiency.

British farms use modern, mechanised milking parlours, kept to meticulous levels of cleanliness to ensure the highest quality. The implementation of robotic parlours enables the cows to choose when they want to be milked. The milking machines connect automatically to the cows’ teats and turn off when the milking is complete. In these parlours, cows elect to be milked four to five times a day, as opposed to the usual twice.