Careers in Trees and Timber

The trees and timber industry offers a great range of different jobs and roles.

From working in forestry and the science and practice of managing woodland, to arboriculture and the planting and maintenance of trees.

The forests of the UK play and important part in tourism, leisure activities and sports, so the timber and tree industry is fundamental to this up-keep.

Would it suit you?

The industry is perfect for people who love the outdoors and working in an interesting and varied environment

People need to have the ability to be responsible and work within a unit

It’s great for those who are interested in the environment and its protection

Working with new technologies and being practical and able to operate tools and machinery is vital

Opportunities and Experience

Job roles include: forest managers, civil engineers, landscape architects, rangers and admin staff.

Some of the jobs don’t require any formal qualifications, but more relevant qualifications would enhance the chances to move on to higher roles. Specialist roles will require specific experience and qualifications but some of the most important aspects will be enthusiasm for the work, communication skills, punctuality, team-work.

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