Education & Careers

Hadlow College is based in multiple locations throughout Kent and is one of the best land-based education facilities in the U.K. The college offers a huge variety of courses designed for and around farming.

Their agriculture and sustainability courses have a range of full-time and part-time degrees and diplomas for those passionate about pursuing a career in agriculture. There is a huge range of courses available from dealing with livestock and cereal production, to countryside access. They also offer insight into conservation, animal welfare, sustainable land management and modern farming practices.

All the courses allow their students to gain real-life practice experience to ensure they have the skills necessary throughout their working life and to give them the potential to start their own business in agriculture.

The Living Land at the Kent showground is a free one day event in early May offered to Kent school children in years 3 and 4 aimed at educating young children in the areas of farming, agriculture, countryside and healthy eating. The Living land is a very successful event and has been going for 7 years.

The timetable of activities includes the opportunity to see and touch farm animals, taste local produce, see dancing sheep at the “Sheep Show”, Birds of Prey and many other displays and demonstrations. Most of the activities are interactive, with a wealth of organisations on hand to share their knowledge with the children and can easily be linked to the school curriculum.

The free and the educational experience is invaluable and taking pupils away from the normal classroom environment, enhances the ability to learn.

Lantra is the Sector Skills Council for environmental and land-based industries and works with 17 industries across the whole of the United Kingdom.

Everyone working within these industries, which can be grouped into either land-management and production, animal health and welfare, or environmental industries, plays a hugely important role in the economy.  The sector influences the lives of everyone living in the UK today and is contributing to the solutions of worldwide issues: food security, fuel efficiency and climate change.  

As a Sector Skills Council, Lantra is passionate about helping people working in the sector to have the right skills and knowledge to carry out their jobs safely and effectively, and for businesses to have a workforce that can enhance productivity and performance