Why does farming matter to me?

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The beating heart of our countryside

Farming is essential to many parts of ordinary life: the quality of the food we eat, the state of the countryside and the health of the environment.

Farming will also play a role in our future; with numerous methods of providing renewable energy.

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A diverse world of produce

Farmers and growers provide the UK with three quarters of the foods that can be produced in our temperate climate.

South east farmers can produce nearly any speciality of food from champagne-like wines to classic Italian style parmesan cheese as well as growing the wealth of trees, flowers and shrubs that brighten our lives.

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The garden of England

More than 80% of the South East is classed as rural.

Despite the well-populated towns and congested motorways that bisect the region, the South East is still full of beautiful landscapes: the Weald of Kent, North Downs and Romney Marsh.

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Feeding the people, feeding the economy

The number of employees in agriculture has been slowly declining over the last few decades, both nationally and within the County.  In Kent in 1981 there were approximately 17,000 people employed which fell to 12,100 by 2007.

Food production will have another 10 million UK customers in the next 40 years and the world will have another 2 billion.

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Can 9 billion people be fed equitably, healthily and sustainably?
Can we cope with the future demands on water?
Can we provide enough energy to supply the growing population?
Can we do this whilst mitigating and adapting to climate change?
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