Hyde Park Food and Farming Festival

26th-29th September 2013

Now this may seem a way off, but this event is big news in the farming world.

Farming in the Park is an initiative to bring exhibitions on food and farming to London, Hyde Park. The successes of various county shows and similar events in educating people on agriculture coupled, with the lack of these events in big cities has lead to this major proposal.

The last time such an event was held in London was way back in 1989. It was a huge success as crowds of 940 000 crowded in over the course of 3 days, hugely surpassing the estimated crowds of half a million. For 2013, estimates are around a massive 1 million.

The opportunity to educate such a great amount of people is one that has been missed for too long. Within a 20 mile radius of Hyde Park there are 8 million people and 2 2250 schools. Having so many consumers in one location its paramount to begin the education process, instead of keeping it out in the more rural areas.

The plan is that each county in Britain is given an acre’s worth of space, and then exhibitors fill it with stands that exemplify the best of agriculture, food and farming in their region. This is set to really widen the public’s knowledge of the farming scene.

The event will be free entry, however sponsorship deals are set to rake in between £3.140 million and £3.390 million leaving profits of around £350 000 to put back into the farming industry.

Watch out, this is expected to be the biggest London event after the Olympics.